Working Papers

  1. “Understanding the Risk of China’s Local Government Debts and Its Linkage with Property Markets,” with Brent Ambrose, Yongheng Deng, and Jing Wu. (Reject & Resubmit at Management Science)
  2. “The Impact of Fertility Relaxation on the Gender Wage Gap,” with Sumit Agarwal, Yu Qin, and Jing Wu. (SSRN #3507515, Reject & Resubmit at Journal of Human Resources)
  3. “Steering in the Housing Market: Incentive Induced by the Tax Scheme,” with Jing Wu, Jianwei Xing, and Jubo Yan. (SSRN #3570588, Revise & Resubmit at Regional Science and Urban Economics)
  4. “Missing Repayments on Haze Days: Evidence from Household Debt,” with Jianwen Li and Yuan Ren. (SSRN #4318947, Under Review)
  5. “Search, Information Friction, and the Housing Market,” with Jing Wu and Hefan Zheng. (SSRN #4488454, Under Review)
  6. “Public Housing and Market Segmentation: Evidence from the Joint Property Ownership Scheme in China,” with Shidong Su, Fan Zhang, and Yanjiang Zhang.
  7. “Subsidized Credit Supply and Housing Market,” with Yu Qin, Qiuyi Wang, and Jing Wu.
  8. “The Impact of Fertility Relaxation on the Housing Market Outcomes,” with Yu Qin, Yixun Tang, and Jing Wu.